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Watercolor Recording valuable Moments


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Samstag, 07. November 2020 10:00–14:00 Uhr

Kursnummer 23145010
Dozentin Lin Li
Datum Samstag, 07.11.2020 10:00–14:00 Uhr
Gebühr 29,00 EUR inkl. EUR 5,- Materialkosten

vhs im Gustav-Heinemann-Haus
Böblinger Str. 8
71065 Sindelfingen


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Watercolor painting can be fast or slow, easy or complex, delicate or abstract. It´s one of the most interesting ways to record those valuable moments in life. In this workshop, you will learn all about necessary materials and variable techniques for watercolor painting. You will learn the meaning of colors and express yourself with colors. The workshop takes about 4 hours. You can bring any of your own materials or use those available in the class.
Material will be provided.

Workshop in Englisch, keine Vorkenntnisse nötig

Lin Li Hauptdozentin

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